Trout Porn Nation’s Fly Fishing Fall Photo Contest!

Trout Porn Nation’s Fly Fishing Fall Photo Contest!

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Who is ready is to see the best of the best photography out there? I noticed that there is nothing like a good quality creative shot to get our fans all riled up! We love it too 😛 That is why we are going to be doing this contest a bit differently this fall. We want to show everyone that you can still take a rad shot without having to take the fish out of the water. With the sport growing every day we all need to do what we can to protect and preserve! Not saying we hate the ole grip & grin 😛 We just want to inspire you to get creative for the benefit of the fish. After all it’s all about the fish right? Read the below instructions carefully and don’t forget to thank the sponsors of this contest! A little appreciation goes a long way 😀

Prizes: There will only be one winner 🙂   

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Submission deadline for photo entries: Nov 17/2013

Sudden Death’s top 10 submissions announced: Nov 18/2013

Sudden Death: Nov 18-24/2013

Prize winner announced: Nov 25/2013

Guidelines: All submissions must follow these guidelines:

1) Must be a Trout or close relative of the trout (Steelhead & Char)

2) Head & gills of the trout must be submerged in the water.

3) If we see anything that would indicate that the fish has been harmed we will immediately disqualify the photo. We reserve the right to disqualify any photo.

4) Fly fishing only. We do not want to see your treble hooks. Sorry.

Sudden Death: The top 10 photos will be selected by the Trout Porn Team for the sudden death round. The sudden death round leaves it up the fans to choose the winner. The top 10 photos will be posted to a new album on the Trout Porn facebook page on Nov 18/2013 and the contestants will have 7 days to get as many likes as they can!

How to enter: Submit a maximum of 3 photo’s to the official Trout Porn Page on Facebook with your name, a brief description for the photo, and the tag #letthembreathe

RELEASE: By entering this promotion, participants agree, to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law, to release, discharge and hold harmless Trout Porn, their affiliates, their respective owners, and representatives from any and all damages, liabilities, costs and expenses which may arise out of participation in Promotion or out of the acceptance, use, or misuse of prizes. By submitting images for this promotion, you agree to release these images for use by Trout Porn for uses such as: current or future contest promotion, newsletters, use on social media outlets such as (but not limited to) Facebook and Twitter, display anywhere on the Trout Porn page or relates web site(s). By participating, you agree to these Official Rules and to the decisions of the judges whose decisions shall be deemed final and binding. Sponsor reserves the right to substitute for any reason whatsoever a prize (or portion thereof) of comparable or greater value, at their sole discretion. Prize is awarded “as is” with no warranty or guarantee, either expressed or implied by the Sponsor. The Winners are responsible for the reporting and payment of all taxes (if any) as well as any other costs and expenses associated with acceptance and use of prize not specified herein as being awarded. The Promotion Entities expressly disclaim any responsibility and entrants agree to indemnify and hold harmless Hatch Trout Porn from and against any and all claims, actions, demands and/or liability for injury, damage or loss whatsoever relating to or arising in connection with participation in this Promotion (regardless of the cause of such injury, damage or loss) and/or the delivery and/or subsequent use or misuse of any of the prizes awarded.

Below are some examples from Grasshopper 😀 






Trout Porn Interviews Promont Outdoors


1) Promont Outdoors, for those who may not know you or your goals can you write a short paragraph explaining to our fans what you would like them to know about you?

My name is Weston Paul and I started Promont Outdoors as a way to share my love for the outdoors, specifically fly fishing and hunting, with people who are just like me. I am a husband, father, & outdoorsman and my goal is to appeal to individuals similar to myself. My family is my priority and work and recreation fall into place after them. The corporate culture burned me pretty bad and I no longer use my degree in chemistry. I landscape to provide for my family and work on Promont when I have the spare time. My designs are simple and innovative and as I grow the business my product lineup will increase, but it is slow and steady for now. My goal is to appeal to the angler and hunter and showcase the Montana lifestyle that I love so much.

2) You officially launched Promont Outdoors in Jan 2012. How has the fly fishing community contributed to your success since then?

The fly fishing community is absolutely fantastic. I have literally had rock solid support from the very beginning. People who I have never even met have wholeheartedly promoted my company and the few products that I have to offer. This is what I love about the industry. Even smaller companies who offer similar lifestyle apparel are supportive of my venture. I don’t view them as competition and they certainly don’t view me as competition. Our common goal is to grow the industry that we love so that our children can enjoy the same angling opportunities as we do.

3) How long have you been fly fishing for?

Well, I am 30 and I started…I’ve been fly fishing for 17 years. I grew up catching bass, crappies, and pike on a spin rod at our cabin in northern Wisconsin. Our neighbor guy would fish poppers for bass and it really intrigued me. Back home in South Dakota I remember going to Walmart and buying a Cortland beginners fly rod setup. It was “game on” after that. I was really spoiled on the lakes and streams and when I moved to Montana for college in 2001, I soon realized that I had a lot to learn. Not that fishing in South Dakota was easy, but the fish definitely weren’t as picky as they were on the Stillwater and Yellowstone Rivers.

4) Most memorable fish fight to date?

I hooked into a huge brown on the Upper Madison a couple years ago. He ate my dropper of the back of a streamer. When I first set the hook I thought there was no possible way to lose this fish. I probably was a little aggressive and as he dove deeper and I fought him I felt a pop and he was gone. This fish was heavy and I still have yet to catch a big brown. When I reeled up the hook on my dropper fly was bent straight. It is burned in my memory how strong this fish was. You know the feeling when your rod is folded and you are watching the line cut through the water. Dang I’d like to hook a fish like that again.


5) Who taught you what you know now about safe fish handling techniques? Can you share one tip for the beginners out there in regards to proper fish handling?

Actually, one of the first people I met at college happens to be a really talented fly fisherman. He sent me an email the other day and he made mention of all of the “fish out of water” pics that I post on Promont. I’d never really thought about it too much, but I certainly like to get the photos as much as everyone else. He actually will rarely take a fish out of the water and while I can’t say the same, I do practice getting them back in the river as quickly as possible. For a beginner, it is all about learning how to fight a fish quickly and efficiently. Playing them out can be just as detrimental as taking them out of the water for too long. Get them into water with less current and if your can turn them upside down to get the hook out. It throws off their equilibrium and allows you to get the hook out without them flailing around so much.

6) What is one thing you can teach the beginners out there about conservation. What can they do to help preserve the places you love?

When something is in demand, its value rises. Get out on the water and use the access that we have. Be respectful, ethical, and make sure you don’t try and bend the rules. This is how we can conserve what we have.

7) Tell us briefly about what Promont Outdoors is doing to ‘Give Back’.

Giving back is a huge part of my life and I wanted to incorporate it into my business at the ground level. Currently I give to www.mercyair.orgto help with their efforts to provide food, healthcare, and work to those in Mozambique. In addition, I am donating a bunch of my fly patches to to go on fly fishing packs for these heroes. I really have a heart for people and although I love conservation and the environment, I wanted to focus my giving directly toward people in need.

8)You challenge people to BE THERE. Describe to us what this means?

BE THERE is a phrase that I found myself saying a lot once my son was born, but it is a phrase that applies to just about every aspect of life from family to work to recreation. As an outdoorsman, I have this pull to ditch everything and escape into the great outdoors on fishing and hunting trips. This urge is something that I had to overcome because time with my family is the most important part of my life. In the end, my son will not care about how big of a fish I caught or how many bull elk I have hanging on the wall. What he will care about is my presence in his life. I have to BE THERE for him. Fortunately, we get to spend time together on the rivers and in the mountains! My dad was very present in my life and now I realize just how much of a positive impact that had on me. This is what I want to pass on to my son.


9) Tell us about a memorable day on the water with your family.

My most memorable day on the water was when I was about 8 and I was fishing with my dad in Wisconsin. He specifically told me not to cast in this particular area, but when he wasn’t looking I dropped a line right off the back of the boat and boom, I ended up catching a big walleye. Just so happens there have only been a few walleye that have ever been caught out of that lake. I still crack up when I think about how disobedient I was!

10) Thanks for letting us interview you Promont Outdoors and for your support. What are some things your fans can look forward to seeing from you over the next year in regards to gear and apparel?

I have a ton of great designs in the pipeline. Over the next year you can look forward to some women’s fly fishing apparel, more great hats, a line of hunting lifestyle apparel, and hopefully a fly fishing accessory that will revolutionize fishing as we know it. I have so many items that I want people to see and it is just a matter of making them visible. Head over to www.promontoutdoors.comand take a look at our new “Bedded Bull Camo© Facemask” and the “Montana Pro Trucker Hat”. Also, I can private label our fly patches for your business and it is a nice way to add to your current marketing materials.

Be There

The views and opinions expressed in this post are not necessarily the views of this site, its management, or individual team members. The purpose of these interviews are to inform you of what is happening all around the fly fishing world and allows you to become informed on people and future events! ~ Trout Porn

Trout Porn Interviews Montana Matt


1) Matt, for those who may not know you or your goals can you write a short paragraph explaining to our fans what you would like them to know about you?

My name is Matt but all my friends and clients end up calling me Montana Matt because of my love for Montana. I have been fishing Montana since I was 10 and there is no better place than the Big Sky State to call home. I love to teach people to fly fish and have fun while doing it. I have a couple goals in my fly fishing career. One is to have a tv show with my wife Tracy (Montana Fly Girl) about all of our crazy adventures and the other one is to have a non-profit ministry lodge on a river for kids to come out and learn how to fly fish and enjoy the outside.

2) Matt, since the day I seen your Facebook page I have watched it rapidly grow to well over 2000 likes in a short period of time. Must have been very exciting to watch your page grow like that! There are a lot of businesses attempting to grow their social media presences via Facebook, do you have any tips you would like to share that could help these struggling companies?

It was so exciting! It is still fun seeing it grow and really awesome to meet so many great people because of it. One thing that I did when I started my facebook page was I started my blog I would make sure I posted information that I wish I would have known when I first started out. For example: Top flies to catch trout or how to set up your fly rod. I also try really hard to make my page as positive as possible. I did some promotional things to bump up my likes. For example: Win a Big Horn Trip with Montana Matt. I am still learning but those are some things that really helped.

3) Everyone who knows you also knows Tracy, your beautiful wife. How has sharing your passion for fly fishing brought you closer?

It’s so much fun! Most of our talks about vacation and adventures are centered on what we can fish for now. It’s great how at the end of the trip we can talk for weeks about the one that got away or the cool things we saw. It has made us closer just because we have that much more in common. Fly Fishing is an addiction and takes a lot of time, so I suggest you have a best friend to help you along the way

4) Who taught you how to fly fish?

I have three people that really helped me with my passion. First is my Grandpa Jones. He would take my brother and me fishing everywhere when we were younger. He started us out when we were 4 when we cared more about the frogs and turtles than the fishing. He gave me my first fly fishing rod a very old ST. Croix that had never been out of the packaging.

The person who got me on fire for fly fishing was my dad and his friend Chris Winn. Chris Winn was a guide in Patagonia for a long time and would come back to see my dad to fish Montana. My Dad would invite me along and we would fish the Yellowstone, Stillwater, Boulder, Big Horn and Creeks for a week straight for 12 hours a day. Chris would always yell at me when I casted too much “You’re not going to catch a fish without your flies being in the water” was his famous line. I still teach that to my friends and clients today. My Dad furthered my addiction when he bought me a raft for my birthday one year. Now you can’t get me off the water………. 15 years later .


5) Who taught you what you know now about safe fish handling techniques? Can you share one tip for the beginners out there in regards to proper fish handling?

The most passionate person I know about fish handling is Trevor Covich out of Washington. He guides for OPST Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics. He taught me that fish breathe 4 times faster than us. So when you are taking your pictures of your fish remember that. You can get a good picture just make sure you are giving the fish plenty of time to breathe in between photos.

6) Tell me about some of the invasive aquatic species in your area that anglers should be aware of. How do you prevent the spreading of such species?

I’m not an expert on what is or isn’t an invasive aquatic species. In saying that I just make sure every time I fish a river, stream, lake, or creek I inspect for any mud, water, and vegetation that could carry aquatic invasive species. I than completely remove all mud, water, and vegetation I find. I then take my boat to a car wash and clean it with hot water. (It also keeps my boat looking new). Then I dry my boat and fishing equipment thoroughly. I try to keep my boat, trailer, waders, wading boots, and other equipment in a warm area that way it kills those critters.

7) Matt, when you are fishing what kind of litter do you see around the rivers and lakes you love so dearly? How does it make you feel?

A lot of times I see beer cans and plastic bags. I have nothing against beer but it just needs to be picked up afterwards. I always pack out the trash I find on my trip. Just remember the better we treat the earth the better it treats us back.


 8) Tell me about the best fish fight you have had to date.

My best fish story comes from Washington this winter fishing for Steelhead. We were on a trip for 6 days on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. On day 4 of Spey casting about 1,000 times, I finally hooked up with a huge Steelhead. Where I hooked up was above rapids and below a massive tree jam. The water was high, so one wrong step could potentially mean me going down the rapids that had many 4 foot waterfalls. I was trying to contain this beast of a fish and I was able to muscle it enough so it wouldn’t go down the rapids but it ended up going straight for the log jam and snapping me off. I haven’t felt that much adrenaline since I poked my massive elk a few years back. It was an amazing event and that fish has a piece of my heart with him forever.

9) In the great world of fly fishing what is one thing you feel you could be better at?

Everything! I feel as if I am always learning and getting better every day. That’s what I love about this sport. What I am really trying to master right now is spey casting though. I think it is so beautiful.

10) Thanks for letting us interview you Matt and for your support. What are some things your fans can look forward to seeing from you over the next year?

Tracy and I are going to start a youtube channel where we document all of our adventures. I am going to be on the show Guided this summer which will be awesome. Tracy and I are also going to Africa and the Seychelles Islands to fish and also do missionary work to dig wells for people out there. I am going to be part of Rod Reel Adventures where I will be hosting many trips to different fishing destinations. So I hope my fans can jump on board and pick a trip to go on with me where we can fish together. Thanks so much for the interview and I hope everybody has a great year of fishing and lots of quality time with loved ones .

The views and opinions expressed in this post are not necessarily the views of this site, its management, or individual team members. The purpose of these interviews are to inform you of what is happening all around the fly fishing world and allows you to become informed on people and future events! ~ Trout Porn